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Phoenix Personal Injury Lawyer Jason Hutzler Expands Services

Apr 23


Community Release: San Tan Valley AZ

Phoenix Personal Injury Lawyer - Huzler Law PLLC

A leading Phoenix personal injury law firm, Hutzler, has expanded its offices to better reach the needs of its clients in the Phoenix communities. Hutzler offers aggressive yet compassionate legal representation, specializing in helping injured individuals obtain the best possible compensation. The firm is led by attorney Jason Hutzler, who has recovered millions of dollars for his clients. They handle injuries of all kinds, including auto, truck, and motorcycle accidents, as well as work-related injuries.

Hutzler specializes in personal injury, car and truck accidents. They handle cases involving medical malpractice, premise liability, and wrongful death. They have the experience needed to help injured clients obtain the compensation they deserve from insurance companies. Hutzler's attorneys also handle slip-and-fall accidents and dog bite cases.

Phoenix Accident Firm's Office Expansion

The firm's expansion is a positive sign for the area. The firm has been serving Arizona residents since 1994. The law firm is also expanding its team of professionals, adding years of experience handling personal injury cases.

When you or a loved one is injured in a Phoenix car accident, it is important to find the best possible attorney to help you get the compensation you deserve. Hiring an experienced lawyer is an essential step toward achieving justice for your loved one. The best way to ensure the compensation you need depends on your situation and the quality of your case.

Should you Choose a Large or Small Personal Injury Firm?

A personal injury lawyer can choose the cases he accepts, but she must decide how many to accept. Some lawyers keep their caseload small to focus on their clients, while others choose to take on a high volume of cases. Each case requires substantial resources and time. When you are an elite personal injury attorney, time is your most valuable resource. A small caseload will allow you to maximize your time and resources.

Don’t Negotiate With Insurance Companies Without an Attorney

You may believe you can negotiate with your insurance company without a lawyer. However, hiring an lawyer could increase the amount of the settlement you receive from your personal injury claim. An experienced attorney knows the damages that may be obtained for an injury claim and they know how to maximize the value of the settlement.

In a recent article, it was estimated that 91% of people represented by a personal injury attorney receive a settlement compared to only 51% who did not. In addition, the amount you receive could be 2-3 times higher with an attorney negotiating the settlement.

If you are injured due to negligence on the part of someone else in Phoenix or the surrounding communities, and you’re your insurance company is resisting a settlement, don’t go it alone. Contact a car accident or personal injury lawyer.

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