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The Sales Funnel For Effective Online Marketing

Apr 26

For a long time, the sales funnel has been an integral part of traditional business and marketing. Recently, however, it seems that funnels are being talked about everywhere on the internet.

People want to learn more about the marketing concept and how it can be used to enhance their online marketing strategies. Read on to find out more about the sales funnel and how it can be used to effective Internet marketing.

What is the Sales Funnel?

A marketing funnel isn't an actual funnel. For this marketing concept, the use of funnel is to visually and describe the sales process from the beginning to its end. Because it uses a wide opening for customers who are "Unqualified Prospects" at the top, and an even smaller opening for converted sales at the bottom, the funnel can be a precise comparison.

The top of the funnel or entry point to the funnel are those people we might consider to be "unqualified prospects" These are people who could need your services or products however, you've never contacted them before. There will be a lot of offers and sales activities later and you'll have people who have purchased your product or service.

Another reason the concept of the lead generation funnel is effective is that it allows you to track your prospects' actions at different stages of the sales process. With the sales funnel by finding out the number of prospects who are qualified at each point of the process, it is possible to anticipate the number of prospective customers who'll eventually turn into actual customers.

A sales funnel allows you to see exactly what and where your sales strategy is not working or succeeding, or if your campaign isn't getting enough potential customers at any point in the process. This information allows you to decide where you should focus your attention and work to maintain sales at the necessary level and, in turn, achieve your marketing objectives. It helps track and control customers' sales processes.

The Front - End or Sales Funnel Top

Your top sales funnel is your most active and crucial part of your sales process. It is constantly tested. Your imagination and resources will only limit the amount of front-end strategies that you could create.

The primary purpose of the front end will be to pull potential customers in and turn them into buyers further down the sales process.

When a potential customer opts-in to your offering, they are "qualified". This is the point of the sales funnel that the prospective customer, or "Unqualified Prospect" is qualified leads because they have taken an action that actually demonstrates that may have enough interest to buy your product or service.

To make your front-end effective you must be able to bring targeted traffic to your website blog, website or squeeze page. Article marketing, PPC ads, social media (Google+ Twitter, Facebook, YouTube) banners, and blogging are the best methods and resources to do this.

You'll find that there are numerous tools that can be used to "qualify" those who are "Unqualified prospect". One of the most effective ways to qualify prospects is by creating an online squeeze page. It allows you to provide something valuable to your product which people can get for free, or at a substantially lower cost in exchange for their email address and name. Products offered include newsletters as well video ebooks, eBooks, email courses, and other related reports.

So we realize that the front end of your sales funnel is where people are drawn to your sales funnel. The back-end is what we should be focusing on.


The Bottom of the Funnel or the Back-End

The back-end (or the bottom) of your sales channel is where the bulk of profits and sales occur. You will usually find the more expensive products there. These products are generally relevant to the exact same market, but in different formats like audio or video, live interaction, or private consultation.

The primary difference between the front-end and back-end lies in the kind of client and the cost of the product or service that is being provided.

Although it is true that only 1-2 percent of the people who access your front-end will be able connect to your back-end system, this tiny percentage may not matter. It's okay, because this small group will be investing much more in the long run.

You see, that while front end products and services can be priced at less than $100, back-end products and services typically cost in the 100s or 1000's. The bottom or back-end of your sales funnel is the main source of revenue for an Internet business. It's also the most predictable area of the sales process.

The sales funnel is as simple or complex as you would like it to be, as long you have the proper resources and the right ideas.

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