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SEO Tool Lab Launches Top SEO Factors

Apr 27
Seattle, April 27, 2022 -- SEO Tool Lab launches Top SEO Factors website to provide the search engine optimization (SEO) community free access to data about the industry's top search ranking factors. The data provided is updated daily. Top SEO Factors uses the community shared data from the Cora SEO Software community. The data comes from thousands of recently researched real-world keywords that SEOs are actively trying to win in search. 
SEO Tool Lab have been at the forefront of helping the industry decode and understand these ranking factors. Now, they’ve launched Top SEO Factors, a free online resource that analyzes over a vast 2,100+ factors and compiles a list of the top 200 ranking factors that industry experts should be focused on at present.
The top SEO factor data gives valuable insights into how search engines change their rankings over time. 
"When there is a Google algorithm update you can look at the top factors the week before the update and a week after the update and the differences tease out clues as to how things have changed as a result of the update." says CEO Ted Kubaitis.
There is more see at the Top SEO Factors website as well. The website also aggregates SEO News, SEO Videos, and charts an Aggregate of the the SEO weather services. There are also other SEO articles as well.
"I made the website because I feel like I should provide the resources I would have loved when I was beginning in SEO. This type of information can give data-driven SEOs a big advantage. It's a resource that simply didn't exist 5 years ago let alone 20 years ago when I began." added Ted Kubaitis.
SEO Tool Lab is known for conducting research in the SEO industry and prototyping technology to solve SEO problems in the space. Top SEO Factors is a website where SEO Tool Lab can share some of that research. 
About Top SEO Factors
Top SEO Factors is the latest creation from the industry innovators at SEO Tool Lab. A hub for the SEO community, it uses data-driven analysis to identify the top 200 search ranking factors at any given time, alongside providing insight into key SEO content methods, including videos, news headlines and SEO weather reports. Learn more about how they analyze over 2,100 different ranking factors and become part of the community by visiting the website: