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Setyan Law Employment Lawyers in Los Angeles, Glendale and Pasedena

May 10


Setyan Law is proud to announce their employment law services in Los Angeles, including Pasadena and Glendale. The firm specializes in assisting everyday workers.  These can be employees who have been wronged by their employers or everyday citizens who find themselves in a fight with a big insurance company.  Setyan Law has successfully dealt with wrongful termination suits, descrimination cases, and times where an employer failed to follow the law by not providing meal breaks or overtime pay.  Especially when it comes to racial descrimination, the team has handled numerous cases. Setyan Law takes pride in being aggressive where needed, but professional overall. 


Setyan Law offers a variety of services, including employment law, personal injury cases, and matters relating to real estate.  Other employment cases they’ve handled include pregnancy discrimination retaliation, and whistleblowing.  In real estate they’ve worked on fraud, landlord disputes, and the buying and selling of property.  Their service is high-quality, in that they guarantee their work by not charging fees unless the firm wins the case. They have a proven track record of success drawn from their ability to craft precise legal documents and present compelling cases in court.  The Setyan law group can persuade a judge or jury to rule on the side of their client.


Setyan Law is run by Samvel “Sam” Setyan.  The legal group is a full-service litigation firm based out of Los Angeles, California.  They also serve the Pasadena and Glendale areas. They know the ins and outs of the California court system and use those skills when they try employment law cases.  Sam has litigated nearly 200 cases in California and specializes in helping clients take on powerful employers and big insurance companies.


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