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Five Ways Roofing Can Help You Reduce the Heat in Your Home

Jun 22


People who reside in hot climates would love to communicate their weather forecasts as well as other details with those who reside in colder climates. At least they are during the winter.

But, once the heat of summer arrives and their air conditioning units struggle to maintain the temperature at a reasonable level the people aren't as eager to brag about their bright, sunny days.


It is easy to blame your old air conditioner to explain the high temperatures in your home. However, your roof might be the culprit. Learn about cool roofing products that can make you more comfortable.


These are five ways that roofing can reduce heat inside your home.

Roof Repair

The first step to reduce your energy bills is to make sure there's not a breakdown in the roofing material. If the roof is properly installed, it will create an airtight barrier that blocks hot air from entering your home. Roof repair castle pa do a proper roof repairs will enhance the appearance of your home and help in the prevention of leaks.

Roofing Insulation

The addition of roof insulation to your roof is among the best ways to save on heating bills during winter months. It creates an air pocket between the two layers of shingles or tiles, which prevents heat from escaping.


The roof insulation can also help during the summer months as it stops hot air from getting inside the house. There are roofing companies in Butler Pennsylvania which can aid. In some cases the Department of Energy will even pay you back for your cool roofing idea.

Color of the Roof

If you live in a hot climate your roof is one of the first places to overheat. You are constantly fighting the intense sunlight that increases your roof's temperature.


You may have learned in your science classes in middle school that darker colors absorb more heat. It makes sense to use this knowledge when deciding on the color of your roofing material's roofing.


Because of the way the light bounces off white roofs, cooling costs can be cut by as much as 40% in hot temperatures. Although a white roof may not look appealing from a visual perspective however, there are plenty of cool roofing options that are stylish and efficient. Steadfast Roofing is an expert in this field and will help you find a better solution.


Roof pitch

A steep-sloped roof lasts longer and requires less maintenance than a flat roof. Also, the steeper your roof pitch, the less heat will enter the home and will boost its energy efficiency. A roofing contractor will assist you in determining the best slope for your roof.

Cool Roof Coatings

Cool roof coatings can be put on your roof with liquid sealants. It assists in reflecting sunlight and keep the heat from the roof, which results in lower energy costs.


There are various kinds of coatings available, including the reflective coatings made of silicone and elastomeric. Both can reduce the absorption of heat.


Use One of these Cool Roof initiatives to boost energy Efficiency

Contractors New Castle PA can help you reduce the cost of energy and ensure your home is comfortable.



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