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How to Get a Roofer

Jul 23


The summer is a great opportunity to dedicate yourself to household work and to cultivate improvements around and on your property. In the garden, managing your lawn, improving your curb appeal or painting your windows and doors can serve as a great beginning.

It's also a good idea to keep your roof in good condition whenever you have time. This might involve engaging in minor repairs or replacing the whole top of your home, such as the fascias. Of course, roofing work is a highly specialized skill, and so it is recommended to engage a reputable roofing company to take on these tasks.

But what should you look for before hiring a roofer? We will recommend you to get a San Antonio hail damage repair. We will talk about the crucial warning signs to look out for to ensure quality, and to avoid deceptive or unqualified tradesmen.

Without further delay now, let's look over our roofing contractor hiring checklist:

1. Will they happily provide documentation?

It's important to get everything in writing before making any major purchase like a roof not because you doubt the contractor, but because the documentation can protect both sides. This means requesting an tax identification number, business information, and the contact information. You can also request the business registration number of their company should you require it.


All businesses must be able supply the required contractor licence that allows you to be a contractor in any state or country.


They must provide documents proving their professional identity, if required. This will ensure that you have authorized contractors to visit your property to work.


2. Do they have a website that has a portfolio?

The online commercial market is ubiquitous in 2021 that a company without a website, social media accounts or any form of online review website should be considered suspicious. You ought to be able to look up customer reviews and get information about anything you want about a particular company or contractor.


While there are roofing contractors in San Antonio that aren't yet making the leap into online marketing however, it's worth noting that we suggest only those that have a strong online presence.


3. Are they endorsed by roofing companies?

Depending on the product roofing contractors may need to obtain approval from the manufacturer or certification before they are able to install their product. This means they're certified to install certain products or brands efficiently, and they know all of its nuances. This gives you peace of mind knowing that the task is done right.


Manufacturers will provide the contractor with a certification or license that you may apply for prior to any work is done. This can allow you to verify the fact that installation will be properly handled and that you don't have to suffer from poor workmanship or a subpar product.


4. What are their quoting terms?

Most roofers in San Antonio will offer you an estimate for free after a first visit. However, some contractors may charge fees to evaluate the scope of their work particularly when it involves large measurements and testing.


To help you start a business relationship, inquire with them about the quote process will go. They will try to make it as simple and enjoyable as it can be. This might include KYC (know who you are as a client) discussions, as well as asking for access to your roof.

5. What's their work schedule?

After receiving a quote, roofing contractors will create a work plan that will show you when they will be at your house, the kind of materials they may require as well as how they'll bill as well as the type of insurance they'll need.


Although plans can change and it is impossible to be sure of everything but you will get an in-depth estimate of cost and timeframes. It is possible to ask them if they'll hand you this in the course of their work starting off, as most contractors will be eager to be a part of the process.


6. What kind of warranty do they offer?

Roofs are important because of their purpose of protection from weather and being weather-proof. A good roofing system will last.


This means that verifying just what warranties are on offer in relation to their performance is essential. Most roofing projects are covered for between five and ten years. But, certain roofs might come with longer-term warranties. Of course, this depends on where you live and the size of your property, as well as other factors.


It's best to discuss and receive written confirmation of what warranties are available and the coverage they provide. Shield Roofing does what is the best for its customers. Warranty coverage could be extended to future repairs or discounts, or not at all. At the very least, confirmation of this will ensure that both parties are on the same page and will be aware of what to expect in the future.




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